What We Do

Future Brilliance is a dynamic, women-led nonprofit organization that uses innovative education and training models in post conflict areas to solve social, economic, and environmental problems, sustainably. We identify sectors poised for growth and aim to develop a multi-tiered local workforce through education, tailored business skills coaching, and vocational training leading to life-changing opportunities and greater stability.

Our key educational and vocational programs are:

  • Gemstone Sector Development – We support the growth of jobs and enterprise in Afghanistan’s gemstone and jewelry industry by developing a skilled workforce, launching Afghanistan’s first jewelry brand (Aayenda Jewelry), and empowering artisans to coordinate and collaborate through the first-of-its-kind Aayenda Jewelry Cooperative, founded and led by Afghan women artisans.
  • Digital Literacy – We provide citizens, often in remote areas, with access to e-learning and broad skills development via solar-powered, internet-enabled tablets pre-loaded with a range of applications tailored to individual needs.

The three main goals of our work are:

  1. To train men and women in post conflict communities in relevant skills that lead to viable new businesses and better employment opportunity;
  2. To be a catalyst for sustainable economic growth in key sectors of the economy which have the potential to generate the most jobs; and
  3. To develop both governance and professional capacity, so that local people assume responsibility for their own economic development.

Our vision is a stable and prosperous Afghanistan-Pakistan region, where men and women have the leadership, entrepreneurship, technical, and business skills to get and create jobs and where local people assume responsibility for their own economic development while adopting values that encourage fairness, tolerance, and mutual respect.