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Sharbat Gula is the latest in a long line of successful rescues. More than 300 vulnerable Afghan women and their families have so far been given safe passage by our incredible team on the ground. So many more are waiting for your help. Please give to our UK GoFundMe or our USA GoFundMe fundraisers now.

Aayenda Jewelry, a project of the non-profit, Future Brilliance, develops and markets beautiful, contemporary, Afghan jewelry, creating opportunity for hundreds of local artisans, especially women. Our vision is a world of empowered young women supporting one another creatively – and economically. Aayenda Jewelry is hand-crafted by members of the Aayenda Jewelry Co-Operative. So far, work has been generated for over 1200 artisans (including 300 war widows) and over 30 skilled Afghan jewelers and gem cutters, trained to international standards by Future Brilliance Afghanistan Organisation (FBAO).

Aayenda Jewelry: Gems of Hope

The ground-breaking work of Future Brilliance and its social enterprise, Aayenda Jewelry, has been profiled on TV and radio, in magazines, and newspapers, internationally, including BBCTV, Mail on Sunday, and Rapaport, the world’s leading jewelry trade magazine. In 2016, Aayenda Jewelry graced the front covers of various issues of Cosmopolitan Magazines throughout the world, modelled by supermodel and actress, Alessandra Ambrosio.

From Afghanistan to America: How My Passion For Art Lit the Way

The inspiring story of one of our Future Brilliance alumni, jewellery designers and co-workers, Adila Wahdat!

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We are immensely grateful to our donors, sponsors and partners for helping us equip young women and men in Afghanistan with the tools to succeed in today’s interconnected and competitive world. There are many ways you can get involved, for instance, hosting a trunk show for Aayenda Jewelry, or introducing us to prospective funding partners. If you would like to make a donation to support Future Brilliance’s work, please contact us.